Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND OP - fake town baby REMIX ft. Akano (JackonTC Remix)


  • Release Date: 27 Okt 2017
  • Viewer: 36.768
  • Like Video: 678
  • Dislike Video: 11
  • Video Length: 1.58

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kekkai Sensen & BEYOND/血界戦線 & BEYOND season 2 OP UNISON SQUARE GARDEN - "fake town baby" future bass remix by JackonTC featuring Akano.

Sorry for the re-upoload. There were some errors in the previous one.

There will be more remix coming out soon for this season anime. Thank you for always listening to my music and hope You like this remix :)

Remixed by: JackonTC
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Vocals: Akano
If you don't know Akano, then you are have not been listening to enough Anime song covers.XD Amazing anime song covers can be found in her channel:

「こっちに来て、俺に花の育て方を教えてくださいよ」 | by くがの [pixiv]

夕焼けの二人 | by まっち [pixiv]

レオくん | by ざしき [pixiv]


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