Nat King Cole - For Sentimental Reasons - Legends In Concert


  • Release Date: 30 Mei 2012
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One outstanding performance, including twenty-seven truly great tracks such as 'For Sentimental Reasons,' 'Is You Is Or Is Ain't You My Baby' and 'Mona Lisa' performed by the undisputed king of melody, Nat King Cole.

Nat King Cole was an American musician, who first got noticed as a leading jazz pianist and later performed in big band and jazz genres. Featuring selected excerpts of his top rated television shows, this program will transport you into a different era and allow you to watch and listen to the fantastic performance and timeless voice of an absolute legend.

1. Mona Lisa
2. Nature Boy
3. That's My Girl
4. I'm a Shy Guy
5. The Trouble with Me Is You
6. Little Girl
7. For Sentimental Reasons
8. Calypso Blues
9. Route 66
10. Because of Rain
11. Too Young
12. This is My Night to Dream
13. Home
14. You Call it Madness
15. Errand Boy for Rhythm
16. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
17. Got a Penny, Benny
18. Come to Baby Do
19. Sweet Lorraine
20. Who's Been Eating my Porridge?
21. Frim Fram Sauce
22. Always You
23. Now He Tells Me
24. Solid Potato Salad
25. Breezy and the Bass
26. It's Better to be by Yourself
27. Oh, Kickeroony

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