American Dream

Casting Crowns

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:08

Music Video


  • So real...even to non-believers..!!!

    By LadyinLubbock
    Mark Hall and Casting Crowns give us a lesson in every song...convicting us to reach the world for Jesus..!!!
  • Christian and Country

    By gfunbun
    I love this song, and being American it really does express an average way of life. Think that I has so much truth written into a powerful inspirational song. Feelin down? Listen to this!
  • Epic!

    By MizFranki
    I had this song stuck in my head all DAY! (best day ever!)
  • Awesome

    By Dan096
    This is one of there best music videos they've made.It shows how the love and lust of money and material things leads to destruction.
  • Casting crowns

    By JarJar70x7
    Awesome. If we don't put God in our lifes we are buildin castles in the sand and the wind and rain comes carshing down we then have nothing left where as when we put God in our lifes we are building our castles on the rock
  • Casting Crowns-the ultimate inspiring band

    By Jesuslover#1997
    American Dream has a real meaning to it. It is saying to not worry as much about work, but to keep your eyes on Jesus with watever you do!
  • Awsome Song

    By crzydrummer93
    this is a great song and it is the real truth about what every american is working at when they should just be getting closer to Christ and their family and not working towards money
  • Why there are two of each video...

    By mwhalentech
    ...Because one copy is in Widescreen, and the other is not. Hope this clears up confusion.
  • Inspiring

    By crew for life
    This music video really opens up your eyes to what you can slip into if you are not careful, this movie really is inspiring.
  • iTunes: pleas GET WITH IT!!

    By theJuggler
    Why are there two of each video? Please fix it; as it currently stands no one can see all the reveiws for a given video at a time. I like the American Dream singe/music video album. good idea there. but please fix the problem with the duplicates.


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