Live & Inspired - Godsmack

Live & Inspired


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2012-01-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2012 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Play Title Time Download
Straight Outta Line 5:37  
Realign 4:42  
Awake 4:57  
Moon Baby 4:52  
Changes 6:02  
The Enemy 4:15  
Keep Away 9:50  
Speak 3:50  
Voodoo 4:27  
Batalla de los Tambores 6:31  
Whatever 5:50  
Serenity 4:41  
I Stand Alone 4:57  
Rocky Mountain Way 4:00  
Come Together 3:46  
Time 4:12  
Nothing Else Matters 6:26  


  • Really good

    By European History
    Godsmack's version of come together is awesome.
  • Yes....

    By Narciissus
    This band though <3
  • Awesome!!!!

    By Tina802
    I LOVE this album! I haven't seen them live. I would love to after listening to this CD. My favorite is "Whatever." I love how he gets the crowd going. I crank it up in the car.... 💜
  • Great Live CD

    By Luck64
    First of all people asking why this doesn't have newer live song, this was a 2007 concert in Detroit, not 2010. Yet another fail for using Wikipedia as your reference. I was going to be at this concert but missed it. On to the album. Sounds fantastic, especially for a live performance, I do not think you could ask for better. They play the core of their song arsenal and do it well. The covers are great, but Nothing Else Matters and Rocky Mountain Way were nailed flawlessly I believe. They all have a bit of Godsmack touch added to them and it might not be for everyone, especially people who hate covers.
  • They left the songs from The Oracle off

    By TTomHar9
    Just did a check of their setlist, and everything Oracle related was left off. "Cryin Like a B****" "Love-Hate-Sex-Pain" "What If" "The Oracle" & "War And Peace" are all left off. Made even better, the concert isn't even in order. The encore is before "I Stand Alone" and even that got moved around. I like Godsmack, but this is kinda disappointing for a live release.
  • Brilliantly Done

    By Phoenix1216
    I love the live records, always have and this is yet another to add to my collection. I only wish that Battala de los Tambores hadn't been trunkated. It was so amazing when I saw them a few years back and it's almost a smack in the face not to get the whole performance. Other than that, I'm addicted.
  • Credit deserved, Credit given

    By grueterw
    This is one of the better, if not one of the best, live albums i'v heard in a long long time.
  • Pink Floyd's Time remade?

    By myrebelace
    Didn't think I would see the day any band could remake Time and do it well! Well is an under statement ! Great job guys! Saw em live at Music Midtown in Atlanta Ga. And their a great live band. They blew everyone else off the stage!
  • Anyone Remember????

    By VernIVXX
    Wrathchild America... Their version of Time on the "Climbin' the Walls" album... It was better than this!!!
  • Awesome!

    By Ultimate Godsmack fan
    They sound awesome live I'm really loving it

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