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  • Great Godsmack Album!!

    Some people like this album, some people don't.....This one is my personal favorite and IMHO it's their BEST!!.....To me it's the most varied of all their albums and that may be why some don't like it as much.....IMHO, there is such thing as a bad Godsmack album.
  • ;)

    By Narciissus

    By SparklinBlaze
    For those of you knowcking this band because of AIC and constantly comparing GODSMACK to AIC, GET OVER YOURSELF! If yhou don't like GODSMACK then just don't lsiten to them and move the on to your AIC. Stop hating, if you dislike GODSMACK then what they heck are you doing here taking time out of your boring lives to write a review ? Makes no sense! Move along! GODSMACK ROCKS AND THE BEST METAL MUSIC! ALREADY BOUGHT 5 COPIES and gave 20 of them as gifts to friends who are also GODSMACK fans!
  • Album = pretty sick

    By Vengeance1037
    I love the rhythm of the beat. It follows itself and has some talent sound behind it, keep it up and take my money lol
  • Not quite at the end of their creative rope.

    By Johnny Brusco
    Godsmack's career is far from perfect. Their second album, Awake, was a nice change of pace from their misguided first album, but Faceless found them in a creative rut. IV manages to stand out in the band's career as one of their stronger efforts, just for its brevity. Not every song is great, but we do get some great rewards, such as Livin' In Sin, Temptation, The Enemy, Shine Down, and Hollow. A strong three or four.
  • Godsmack

    By Sasha605
    Listened to this whole album and had it on repeat driving all the way to California seeing my dad for the last time. Some of the songs on here sound just like my dads life. Great CD. Thinking about buying on iTunes. R.I.P. dad
  • Hidden Tracks?

    By MrsPattinson
    Godsmack released IV with three bonus tracks, "I Thought", "Safe and Sound", and "I Stand Alone (Live). Congrats iTunes , you got one of the bonus tracks, unfortunately, the other two can only be gotten if you buy a cd from target (I Thought) and Best Buy (Safe and Sound), that's the only problem with the iTunes version, otherwise it's a great cd
  • Rethink Your Opinions

    By Nicole Douglas
    Yes their name is GODsmack but the lead singer has told the story of the bands name over and over again. He criticized someone about their appearance and woke up the next morning with a mole on his face. Someone then told him he was " god smacked". The term caught on and they thought it was a good name for the band. The end.
  • stop crittisizing godsmack

    By Tru playa38
    ok sure the name is GODsmack but really who cares there music is good for anyone who likes ac/dc or metalica and i think godsmack is better than whatall of you crittics are saying i mean if your a real crittic please go on be crittics i dont care.
  • Ew

    By Light+L-luvr


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